The Relations of Klingon Culture and Bat’leth

The Bat’leth is a traditional crescent shaped sword used during Star Trek Klingon battles and ceremonies. Outside of the Star Trek galaxy, enthusiasts adorn Klingon warrior outfits to attend important Science Fiction conventions and the Batleth is a common scene at these proceedings.

Klingon battles must be fought and won honorably. Passed on from generation to generation, a Bat’leth represents more than just the warrior behind it. The family line is represented along with each and every honorable battle that they have fought. The Bat leth wielded by the formidable Worf had been in his family for 10 generations.

The first Bat’leth was forged by a lock of hair from Kahless the Unforgettable, or so the mythology goes. This story has been passed on from generation to generation and was never recorded on paper. Designed by a martial arts expert, the Bat’leth is an iconic part of Star Trek history and is recognizable in both their galaxy and ours.

Although the Klingon species are creatures of few words, they have their own language known as Klingon. The Bat’leth is also known as the ‘sword of honor’ although the name is derived from Klingon which translates directly to ‘glory blade’.

There are many reasons why someone would want to own a real life sized Batleth. They are a piece of art, an essential accessory and an intimidating force to be reckoned with. For those who are not particularly immersed in cosplay may choose to make their own from cardboard or wood, but a true Klingon warrior carries a Bat leth forged of stainless steel and leather.

A Bat leth of this quality is not always easy to find and many costume stores will not stock such a fierce weapon. The best place to look for a Bat’leths is definitely online. When you are looking for an authentic Bat leth make sure that it is the correct size, weight and is made from quality materials.

Klingon warriors and Star Trek fans worldwide will understand the true importance of these traditional weapons. Used for ceremony and battle, the Bat leth is one of the most iconic items to come from this popular science fiction series.

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